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Verias is the data insight system to ensure safe and deliverable emails and SMS campaigns.

Verias - Email List Validation

The Verias Vision

With Verias as your delivery partner for email and SMS campaigns, you get the best data verification platform for creating active and engaged customer lists.

What we do

Validate Email Addresses


Validate the email and SMS records in your customer list, so your content is reaching the intended audience.
Analyze & Clean Email Lists


Eliminate duplicates, catch bad domains, uncover malicious emails and/or phone numbers in your database.

Score Your Email List Data


Let our algorithm do the work to deliver value that will allow you to target the gold within your own customer list.

Why do you need data verification?

Improve Deliverability

If you're going to have a problem with getting your emails to the top of customer inboxes, we'll enable you to know before you click send. Whether you are having issues because of your list quality, server setup, sending policies, or techniques, we will get to the bottom of it by isolating these issues and handling them together.
Improve Email Deliverability
Protect Your Email Sender Score

Protect Sender Score

Sending to a bad crowd will make you seem like you're a part of it to email servers. Protect yourself and those around you by running proactive checks before pushing out campaigns.

Enhanced Encryption

Embodying an "Encrypt Everything" philosophy helps us protect our partners' digital assets like no one else. We own our servers and are fully redundant because we believe in accountability for the safety of your business and customers.
Verias Protects Your Email Data
Drag & Drop Email Delivery

User-centric Platform

You will experience a portal like no other that enables you to not only use our service around-the-clock, but also do so with minimal touch on our part. Expect to be blown away by how easy it is to drag, drop, and deliver your emails.
Verias - Email List Validation

Verias Features

With Verias as your deliverability partner, you get the best email and SMS validation services along with the power of a robust sending platform.

Real-time Bulk & API Verification

Real-time Bulk & API Verification

Verify data in real-time through our API, or upload large data files with one simple click.
Freshness Scoring

Freshness Scoring

Find the freshness of your leads using the data that you have in conjunction with our AI that will evaluate the engagement & activity of your contacts.
Remove Hard Bounces

Remove Hard Bounces

Identifying hard bounces is our specialty and we do it with a 98%+ accuracy. Say good-bye to all of those invalid emails and phone numbers that prevent your delivery and sending goals.
Spam Trap & Abuse Checker

Spam Trap & Abuse Checker

Most of your headaches will come from these emails as you battle to get off of blacklists or settle law suits. Luckily, we can help you with both and do it better than anyone.
Unleash Email Analytics

Unleash Email Analytics

Offering in-depth analytics is one of the greatest things that sets us apart from the rest. We provide overviews of list hygiene instantly when you use our bulk validation service.
Insightful Reporting

Insightful Reporting

Our professional reports give you specific information about your database and your sending campaigns. Use the power of this intelligent reporting to improve marketing, and customer communication with each campaign.

Ready to get the best validation and sending services from a trusted data solutions company?