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Spam Checker

Two types of email addresses can be catastrophic to your online marketing efforts — spam traps and abuse emails. If spam traps or abuse emails are on your email recipient list and you send email campaigns to them, it can immediately damage your sender reputation, making it more difficult for your messages to be delivered. In a worst-case scenario, your IP address could end up on a blacklist. Many email providers will then label your legitimate business as a “spammer” and refuse to deliver your campaigns.

The email list spam trap service from Verias can help you avoid this situation. Here’s a closer look at spam traps and abuse emails, and how Verias removes these threats from your email lists.

What’s a Spam Trap?

A spam trap is a real email address that’s used to catch spammers in the act. In some cases, a spam trap is an email address that was abandoned by its original owner. In other cases, a blacklisting company will create a spam trap. These spam traps are hidden throughout the Internet.

Spammers use bots to “scrape” websites and collect millions of email addresses. With this tactic, the spam traps end up on spammers’ lists. Once spammers start sending emails to the spam trap addresses, the blacklists will then block their IP addresses.

The problem for legitimate online marketers is, if they don’t use email best practices in the acquisition process, they can get spam traps on their list. Renting or purchasing third-party lists — and failing to run email list spam verification on that rented list — is one method that frequently hinders businesses.

Spam Trap Checker From Verias

Verias can run your subscriber addresses through our proprietary email list spam checker software — no matter how large or small the list. We identify and flag spam trap email addresses and prepare a report showing you exactly which addresses to remove.

This allows you to send email campaigns to your customers or followers with confidence. Custom pricing plans from Verias are available to meet your business needs.

What’s an Abuse Email?

Abuse emails differ from spam traps. Abuse emails are valid email addresses that are attached to real people. However, these addresses have a habit of reporting email senders as potential spammers. There are a variety of reasons for this.

Sometimes, individuals sign up to receive emails from a sender, but later forget that they subscribed. In other cases, they might be offended by something in the email. Plus, there are some people in the world who just like to complain.

The bad news is that abuse emails are prolific enough on the Internet that they can significantly tarnish legitimate senders like you. If email providers receive enough complaints from abuse email owners, your sender score will drop, which could result in your company’s email address being blacklisted.

Email Abuse Checker From Verias

When Verias checks your email list for spam traps, our software simultaneously looks for abuse emails. The email list abuse checker will flag addresses likely to complain about your email campaigns. We highly recommend removing these potential abuse email addresses from your list before sending.

Verias is here to be your email deliverability partner. We identify problems on your list, such as spam traps and abuse emails, so you can get rid of them before they damage your reputation.

Contact us today for a free consultation to learn more about how Verias can protect your sender score and reputation!