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We understand the frustration that comes with attempting to contact your clients only to reach disconnected or fake phone numbers that have infiltrated your database. These issues cost your company time, money and peace of mind.

With our mobile verification services, your company will be able to validate mobile phones and landlines within the United States in real-time or bulk format.

By utilizing our mobile solutions, your business will keep sending costs down as well as keep your sending resources active by eliminating invalid or disconnected numbers from your list. Validating your lists will allow you to connect to your customers better, stay compliant and increase your revenue. There are many benefits to using our mobile verification solution for your company.

  • Mobile versus Landline
    Our solution will help you identify the mobile numbers from the landline numbers in your list. This allows your company to target your marketing efforts to maximize revenue and reduce cost.
  • Carrier Authentication
    Verify which carrier a number is associated with. By knowing what carrier is associated with each record, you can segment your lists and market more effectively.
  • Number Portability History
    View history on which parent carrier a number was created from and when a number was moved from one carrier to the next.
  • Spam and Litigator Removal
    Run your numbers against our global suppression list, which is updated daily. We remove known TCPA litigators, spam and blacklisted numbers from your list so you can achieve maximum compliance.
  • SMS Sending
    Finally, your data is ready to send.  Use the power of our suite of solutions to transmit your sms messages to enhance the conversations you have with your customers.  Your SMS messages will be efficiently delivered and use our data segmentation tools to reach the right customers with the right message.

To learn more about our Mobile Verification services and pricing, please contact us today.