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Email Reporting

Many email validation reporting services can provide you with data such as the number of clicks and opens on your email campaigns. At Verias, our email verification reporting platform goes one step further. We provide insightful email reporting to give your business the advantage when it comes to online marketing.

Our goal is to be your company’s email deliverability partner every step of the way — from verification of bulk email lists in real time to advising your company on best practices in the ever-changing online marketplace. Insightful email reporting is what can take your online marketing efforts to the next level.

Email Verification Reporting Service

Having an email list of supporters or customers does not mean you’re ready to begin marketing to them. How good is the list? Spam traps, incorrectly typed email addresses, and other problems are impossible to find on your own — especially when dealing with potentially tens of thousands of subscribers. Sending campaigns to a new list can be a disaster if you have not first used our email list reporting service.

Verias can bulk scan your email lists in real time and identify potential “problem emails” on your list.

Our reporting service identifies the following hindrances:

  • Spam traps
  • Hard bounces
  • Bad email syntax
  • Duplicates
  • Invalid domains
  • Harvested email addresses
  • And more …

Email List Verification Reports

Once Verias validates your list, you will be able to see results immediately on your email verification reporting dashboard. The emails will be categorized on a CSV file, which gives every email address a confidence rating:

  • High
  • Medium
  • Low
  • Bad

Email addresses with a Low or Bad rating can be safely discarded. Sending email campaigns to those addresses would likely result in getting you labeled as a spammer, with your server’s IP address blacklisted. For emails that result in a Medium confidence rating, Verias recommends sending campaigns to them with caution. Medium-rated emails are not necessarily a lost cause, but we can recommend strategies for sending campaigns to them that will minimize your risks.

When emails receive a High confidence rating from Verias, they are very likely to be valid email addresses attached to real customers or supporters. You can send email campaigns to those addresses without having to worry about spam traps or ending up on a blacklist, which would block your emails from reaching recipients. Verias still recommends proprietary strategies that should be employed before bulk sending to a new email list — even if that list is clean. This is where our deliverability partnership with your business comes into play.

Insightful Email Reporting From Verias

Insightful email reporting on your Verias dashboard allows you to drill down into incredibly useful data, which in turn helps you become a more effective email marketer. You will be able to track your actual delivery rate for campaigns, which includes emails suppressed by your email sender (for your sender score protection) and emails that were ultimately dropped due to various reasons.

We track clicks and open rates, of course. Insightful reporting, however, enables you to use tags in email campaigns, which allows greater custom reporting abilities. Tags let you compare campaigns and messages against each other, so you can see where your messaging is most effective and least effective.

With insightful email reporting, you can pin-point what recipients are clicking, where they are clicking, when they are clicking, who is responding, and how often they are responding. All of this data can be exported in a CSV and then integrated with your other existing business analytic software.

Contact Verias today to learn more about how we can effectively serve as your email deliverability partner. Custom pricing plans are available to help our partners work within their means to improve their email deliverability.