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Bulk email address verification needs to be one of the pillars of your online marketing business, especially if your lists are experiencing rapid growth. If you rent lists for some campaigns, a bulk email checker is also a necessity. You wouldn’t want to get your email server blacklisted due to someone else’s carelessness. The bulk email validation tool available to all Verias customers can save you a lot of headaches when it comes to email deliverability and protecting your brand as an online marketer.

What’s a Bulk Email Verification Service?

Here’s a simplified example of why you need a bulk email validator as part of your marketing strategy.

A marketer has just run a successful poll on his business Facebook page in which respondents had to enter their email address to register their vote. The marketer collected 10,000 contacts. Excited at the prospect of all the business he has just generated, he immediately sends the email campaign that he had — ready and waiting — to those 10,000 new addresses. Yet instead of untold riches, the results are catastrophic.

His sender score plummets. The IP address for his email address is blacklisted. Gmail, Yahoo, Microsoft, AOL, and other email providers now consider him a spammer. What happened?

He had 3,000 signups who just wanted to click through and see the poll results, so they used fake email addresses. Another 2,000 poll respondents typed their email addresses incorrectly (happens a lot). Half of his new, unverified email list consisted of addresses that do not exist — which is exactly why his business met with catastrophe.

If he had relied on bulk email verification and validation software from Verias, those 5,000 nonexistent emails would have been weeded from his list. If the campaign had been sent to a pared-down list of 5,000 good contacts, none of the negative consequences would have happened — no sender score reduction and no blacklisting would have resulted.

The bulk email verifier would have done its job, and the marketer would have sent his campaign to a clean list.

Bulk email address verification validates a large list of email addresses very quickly, so bad addresses can be removed before sending campaigns. Bulk email verification from Verias happens in real time — and it can be done from your platform or ours.

How a Bulk Email Verification Service Works

A bulk email validation tool runs a checklist of the addresses in your list to ensure they are real. You want your messages going to real recipients and the email verification tool’s job is to increase the likelihood of that.

A bulk email checker identifies the following:

  • Duplicate emails (which can be removed)
  • DNS records (this checks for invalid domains)
  • Address syntax (there are those typos in email addresses once more)
  • Detect disposable email addresses (“junk collectors”)
  • Spam traps
  • Simple Mail Transfer Protocol (SMTP) verification (sending pings to mailboxes)

Once the verification is complete, you’ll get a segmented copy of your list. This allows you to see which email addresses to delete, which ones to keep, and which ones are questionable. We do this process for you extremely quickly.

Utilizing bulk email verification carries several benefits for your email marketing business. Your sender reputation is protected, your campaign deliverability improves, your conversion and click-through rates will increase, and you’ll get a better overall ROI.

Want to stay off the blacklists and improve your sender score? Contact Verias today to learn more about how our proprietary bulk email address verification can propel your email marketing business forward.